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We pride ourselves in creating better relationships between humans and their K9 companions.

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Having a dog that is polite, attentive and respectful is a joy to have as a companion.  To attain that, both owners and dogs need coaching.  Our approach is grounded in building a great owner/dog relationship because having that relationship creates dogs that are anxious and eager to please and are coached in making good decisions.  And, when dogs are invested in the relationship with their owner, the likelihood that they engage in dangerous or rude behavior (jumping, biting, not coming when called, etc.) decreases. 

We’ve found that a cookie cutter approach to training doesn’t honor the individual learning styles of dogs.  To accommodate this, we use a variety of training methods that focus first on building a trusting and respectful relationship and then on obedience and technical training.  We aim to keep both our two-legged clients and our four-legged clients engaged and interested in learning.


Andrea Lewis

Andrea was born to work with dogs and has had a lifelong dream of opening a training facility!  As a young girl, she was entrenched in the dog community as her father showed English Bulldogs and, at home, her family had six dogs that she tirelessly trained.

Traveling around the country attending dog shows, she made numerous friends and was fascinated learning about different dog classification, breeds and group talents.  It was here where she met her first Australian Shepherd.  In a conversation with the Aussie’s owner, who was involved in Search and Rescue, Andrea was captivated with the things dogs were capable of accomplishing.  After finishing her Bachelor’s degree she began training Search and Rescue dogs and continued this work for more than a decade.

While attending graduate school, Andrea developed a partnership between local animal shelters and the Department of Juvenile Corrections.  Her vision was to offer a chance for shelter dogs to acquire basic obedience skills while, at the same time, to reduce violence with incarcerated juveniles. As a reward for good behavior, inmates were allowed to spend an hour working with a trainer and a shelter dog.  The outcome of that program was that many abandoned dogs became more adoptable while inmate violence reduced more than 40%.   

While developing this program Andrea met some wonderful people who were studying coyote behavior.  Through this, she was able to spend a year observing coyotes in the wild and then just about a year observing a wolf pack in CO.  Those experiences have informed and refined her understanding of dog behavior, allowing her to better troubleshoot issues such as resource guarding, fear and aggression.

Following a career as a College Professor, Andrea earned a coaching certificate and for almost a decade helped people clear the clutter from their head and become more inspired and successful.  As it turned out, many of her coaching clients also had unbalanced dogs.  Over and over again, Andrea observed that the more unbalanced her client was, the more unbalanced their dog was.  From this, her tribe of Better People, Happier Dogs was born.

Following her own lifelong passion, Andrea turned her hobby of training dogs into a full-time business.  Today, she coaches dog owners to be better leaders for their K9 companions, troubleshoots problematic behavior and helps families and pets live happier and healthier lives together. 


Andrea came out and we immediately started implementing structure around everyday things and our girl began to improve. 


"Andrea came out and we immediately started implementing structure around everyday things and our girl began to improve."

Carolyne and Starbie

"Andrea came highly recommended from several other couples that lived in our area.  We have a one-year-old Bernadoodle that went nuts when she was about 6 months old.  We thought we could handle her jumping, pulling on the leash, chewing the floorboards and general craziness when people arrived but after attempting to use a prong collar and then an e-collar, we found ourselves still being pulled down the street, still having her very doorbell reactive and still going insane when we had visitors.  In short, we had no control and were living in a house run by our dog.

Andrea came out and we immediately started implementing structure around everyday things and our girl began to improve.  My husband and I both work from home and as our dog improved, we didn’t make as much time for our training.  Andrea could tell that we weren’t holding up our end of the bargain with our dog’s training and explained that if we wanted a better dog we had two choices.  We either had to make the time to do training or we needed to send her to boot camp. 

We decided we had to step up and be better dog parents!  We’re still working with Andrea and our girl is still improving.  One thing we’ve realized is that if we’d contacted a professional to help us right from the beginning, many of our dog’s bad behaviors would have never started and our training process would have been much easier."

- Carolyne