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Don't Corrupt "Come"

Stage 1 Place

Shaping Polite Leash Walking

Leash Pressure

Working with Recall

Stage 2 Place

Engagement Training

Behavioral Issues

Training in Public

"Wait" - It Can Save Your Dog's Life

Working with Name Recognition

Working With An Implied Stay

Using a Martingale (or slip) Lead

Inside and Outside Turns

No Need for Heel Command

Why My Dog Jumps on Me

Doorbell Reactivity

Proper Correction Techniques

The Sit Command

Teaching Down

Properly Fitting a Prong Collar

Finished Basic Training - Now What?

Building a Training Mindset - Access to Resources

Prepare Your Training Environment

Daily Food Consumption

Bringing A Puppy Home

Effective Treat Delivery

Luring and Marking

Luring & Shaping Behaviors

Formal vs Informal Commands - The Basics

Markers: Continuation, Terminal, and Release